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How do I upload new files to the web server using FrontPage?

  1. Open your web in FrontPage and pull down the FILE MENU to PUBLISH WEB this opens the publish web dialog box.
  2. Type in our ftp address which is:   ftp://www.altoona.k12.wi.us
    After you have done this once you will be able to pick this location from a
    list of FTP Locations next time you want to publish your web.
  3. Click the options button to expand the dialog box and you will have the
    option to publish all pages or changed pages only. You can also opt to
    publish subwebs as well in this dialog box. It will look like this.

  1. Click PUBLISH
  2. The program will ask for your username and password.

  1. When the upload is complete FrontPage 2000 will display the URL and
    an option to view the site to verify that the pages upload was successful.

    Frontpage2k will store this login info for you and when you select this FTP
    location from the list the next time you publish using the FTP Locations
    from the publish web dialog box FrontPage will not prompt you for the username and
    password information. It will just publish the pages for you.
  2. From time to time when publishing pages FrontPage may indicate some files are no longer used or needed and can choose to delete them or keep them.


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