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File Server Problems

How do I log onto the file server from a Macintosh computer?

Pull the APPLE menu down to chooser.
Click once on the APPLESHARE icon.
Double click on the server of your choice at the right.
Type in your NAME and PASSWORD, click OK.
Select the appropriate volume and click OK.
The volume selected will appear on your desktop.

How do I log off the file server from a Macintosh computer?

After saving all files and quitting the application, drag the SERVER VOLUME to the trash.

What the servers don't show up in the Chooser?

If the servers don't show up in the chooser your computer may not be connected to the ethernet network.

Pull the APPLE menu down to control panels.
Select the APPLETALK control panel.
Be sure ETHERNET is selected on the popup menu.
Close the APPLETALK control panel.
Save the changes if it asks you to.
Try to log on again. If the server still don't show up in the chooser, call Mark.

Rebuilding the Desktop File - Top

How do rebuild the Desktop File on my Mac?

On start up hold down the OPTION and APPLE keys until a message that reads "Are you sure you want to rebuild the Desktop File." appears on your screen. Click OK. Sometimes a messages appears that warns that an error occur saving comments. Click OK.

Remember, for better Macintosh health, rebuild your Desktop File once a week.


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