Technology Tutors Program

Program Information

Program Goal: To meet the individual technology training needs of all staff.


A staff member who has expertise in an area agrees to work with other staff members who have requested help in a particular area. The staff member needing assistance will contact the staff member that can best help them and together they will arrange teaching time convenient for both parties. An approval form (Download here) will be completed by the student and tutor and then approved by your Administrator and the Technology Coordinator. A list of staff tutors and their areas of expertise are shown below. Certified staff are paid at the curriculum rate and support staff are paid at a rate of $10.00/hr when the tutor sessions take place outside the contract day. If the parties agree to meet during prep-time, the teacher tutor would earn time similar to the in-house sub-schedule arrangement.

Possible Tutor

Classroom technology integration activities
Office applications, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
Email applications, Eudora, Outlook, Mail-gear
Imaging technologies, scanners, digital camera
WebQuests, Nicenet
Badgerlink, SIRS
Graphics applications, Photoshop, PageMaker

Technology Tutors List

Tutor Name Area of Expertise
Mark Scheppke Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
Email Applications - Eudora, AltoonaMail
Internet Applications and Use - Internet Explorer
Web Page Design - Microsoft Frontpage, Adobe Pagemill
Imaging technologies - Scanners, Digital Camera
Graphics applications - Photoshop, PageMaker
Phone Technology - Phone Use
File Server Use
Bobbie Kuchta Word for the mac
Digital Imaging (scanning & cameras)
Basic mac maintenance/troubleshooting
File server access
Badgerlink Intermediate Internet Research
Linda Olson

Internet use and Web Page Design
Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
Kid Pix and other drawing programs

Kim Wardean PowerPoint Beginning
Web Page
Digital camera
Jan Oestreich Internet Research - SIRS, ProQuest, Badgerlink
Basic Imaging Technologies - Scanners, Digital Camera File server access
Sharlean Johnson Microsoft Office - Word, PowerPoint
Microsoft Works
Connie Kohlhepp

Accelerated Reader Reports
Digital imaging--scanner and camera
iMovie Manipulating file formats--sound and image



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